A New Paradigm for Cancer Treatment

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Personalized Gene Therapy

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Targeting Natural Immune Homeostasis Pathways

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Immunomodulatory Mechanisms

Repurposing Oncology Treatment - Working to test successful combination strategies and acceptable toxicity profile.

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Clinical Trials

The field of immuno-oncology is expanding, and we plan to create clinical trials that will investigate the immunotherapies that restore the immune response or overcome immune- suppressive signals.

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Employee Opportunities

To apply, please send resume to jobs@tbrexa.com

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tBrexa's Approach to Regulating Gene Therapy

We are developing immunotherapeutics to treat and/or prevent the reoccurrence of cancers.  

Cancer is caused by abnormal cells that grow in an uncontrolled manner. These cells proliferate and metastasize throughout the body causing tumors which can cause organ failure and death. The current treatments such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have limited therapeutic effects and significant undesirable side effects. T-Cell immunotherapy market across the world is expected to reach $30B by 2030. 

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Partnering Opportunities

 We are committed to broadening our portfolio of new and innovative novel therapeutics and we are looking to secure alliances along the different stages of drug development and technology. 

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More to come

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